Degrees and Disbursements at Northwestern

Tuesday, June 27, 1871

The trustees of Northwestern University hold their twentieth annual meeting in University Hall.  The meeting is called to order by Dr. John Evans, chair of the university's board of trustees and the person after whom Evanston is named.  On the recommendation of the faculty, the trustees confer one doctor of divinity, three master of arts, three bachelor of philosophy, and twelve bachelor of arts degrees.  They also award two individuals honorary master of arts degrees, and they name Lieutenant General Philip H. Sheridan an honorary doctor of laws.  They report that in the past year disbursements of $33,700 have resulted in a $6,500 deficit, but that the university still has almost $10,000 at hand.  The committee responsible for finances recommends that the institution charge $10 a term for tuition and $5 for incidental expenses, but that university officers have the discretion to remit either all or part of the tuition charges for the children of ministers. The trustees approve the tuition proposal, as well as a resolution that expenditures be kept within net revenue.