Bellinger Home

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Found in Tour: Old Town and Lincoln Park

Landmark Images:
Bellinger House; Stefani Foster, Digital Photograph, 2011

Bellinger House; Stefani Foster, Digital Photograph, 2011


Located at 2121 North Hudson Street, this is the home that Chicago policeman Richard Bellinger saved from destruction while virtually all other North Division buildings in the in the path of the fire area were burned down.  Although the late-1860s structure has been much renovated, it retains the charm of the original Italianate design by W. W. Boyington, who was also the architect of the Court House, the Water Tower, and many other pre-fire buildings.  According to the popular story, Officer Bellinger first used water to wet down the house, and, when that ran out, turned to his store of cider. Assisted by his brother-in-law, Bellinger also cleared the dry leaves that were on the property, tore up the nearby wooden sidewalk and fence, and snuffed what sparks he could as soon as they landed.

Please note that this is a private home.  Do not go on the property or disturb the occupants.