“Passing Through the Fire,” by George F. Root

Passing Through the Fire; George F. Root, Sheet Music, 1871 (ichi-64406)

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One of three songs in this library by George F. Root, of the Chicago firm of Root & Cady. Note that the verses are to be sung con fuoco (with fire). It is performed by Patrice Michaels, soprano.

Con Fuoco. 

1.   Flames! flames! terrible flames! 
     How they rise, how they mount, how they fly. 
     The heavens are spread with a fierce lurid glare, 
     Red heat is filling the earth with air, 
     While, mercy! mercy! We hear the despairing ones cry. 

chorus: (Moderato)

     Passing thro' the fire! passing thro' the fire, 
     And it is our Father's hand, 
     Tho' we may not understand 
     Why we're passing thro' the fire, 
          passing thro' the fire! 

2.   Flames! flames! terrible flames! 
     How they sweep, how they rush, how they roar. 
     See the hideous tongues round the roof, 
          tree and spire, 
     As swells their wild carnival higher and higher, 
     Till falling! crashing! Our glorious 
          city's no more. 

3.   Flames! flames! terrible flames! 
     What a fearful destruction they bring. 
     What suff'ring and want in their train follow fast, 
     As forth on the streets homeless 
          thousands are cast, 
     But courage! courage! From the mid'st of the 
          furnace we sing.