“Lost and Saved,” by George F. Root

Perhaps the most maudlin of the songs and poems of the fire, the strong competition notwithstanding.

1. Fairer than the lily, Sweeter than the rose, 
Was our little darling, at that autumn twilight's close; 
Sweetly she was sleeping in the angel's care, 
When we joined the footsteps thronging 
     to the house of prayer. 


Strange were the sounds when 
     the service was through, 
Fierce the red glare that then burst on our view, 
Dreadful the words that rose higher and higher, 
Lost in the Fire! Lost in the Fire! 

Quick we hasten'd homeward, 
     But the flames were there, 
And the frighten'd crowd were 
     surging here and ev'ry where. 
Oh, my precious darling, Who can save her now, 
For the roof is burning, and 
     the chimneys sway and bow. 

chorus 2 

Still the strange sounds when 
     the service was through. 
Still the fierce glare bursting red on our view, 
Still the dread words rising higher and higher, 
Lost in the Fire! Lost in the Fire! 

When, oh sight of rapture! At the open door, 
Stood the little bare feet on 
     the hard and heated floor, 
'Mama, come and take me. They said you were here,' 
Then we knew the angels saved her, for none else were near. 

chorus 3 

What tho' the sounds rush'd the wide city through. 
What tho' the glare was still bright in our view, 
Chang'd were the words that rose 
     higher and higher, 
Saved from the Fire! Saved from the Fire!