“From the Ruins Our City Shall Rise,” by George F. Root

From the Ruins Our City Shall Rise; Sheet Music, 1871 (ichi-63137)

A song of hope and resurrection.

1.    Ruins! Ruins! far and wide,
     From the river and lake, to the prairie side, 
     Dreary, dreary and darkness falls, 
     While the autumn winds moan 
          thro' the blackened walls. 

Chorus a tempo 

     But see! the bright rift in the cloud.
     And hear! the great voice from the shore.
     Our city shall rise! yes she shall rise,
     Queen of the west once more.

2.    Ruins! Ruins! street and square 
     In a hopeless confusion are mingled there, 
     Strangely, strangely our old haunts fade 
     In the cast open waste that the fire has made. 

3.    Ruins! Ruins! naught is here 
     But the wreck of our homes, and our 
          hopes most dear, 
     Fallen, fallen in ashes gray 
     Where they lie with our wealth and 
          our pride to-day.