“The Billow of Fire,” by P. P. Bliss

The Billow of Fire; P. P. Bliss, Sheet Music, 1871 (ichi-63138)

Bliss's other compositions included such fervid anthems as "Hold the Fort."

1.   Hark the alarm, the clang of the bells! 
     Signal of danger it rises and swells; 
     Flashes like lightning illumine the sky, 
     See the red glare as the flames mount on high! 


     Roll on, roll on, oh billow of fire! 
     Roll on, roll on, oh billow of fire! 
     Dash with thy fury waves higher and higher! 
     Ours is a mansion abiding and sure, 
     Ours is a kingdom eternal secure. 

2.   On like a fiend in its towering wrath, 
     On, and destruction alone points the path, 
     "Mercy, oh Heaven," the sufferers wail, 
     Feeble humanity naught can avail. 

3.   Thousands are homeless and quick to their cry, 
     Heaven born charity yields a supply, 
     Upward we glance in our terrible grief, 
     "Give us this day," brings the promised relief. 

4.   Treasures have vanished and riches have flown, 
     Hopes for the present life blasted and gone, 
     Courage, oh, brother, yield not to despair, 
     "God is our refuge," His kingdom we'll share.